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Store POS

Ever-increasing aggressive pressures, wafer-wiry margins, high tenure costs, and unstable supply base are present challenges to retailers in attaining operational effectiveness and profitability. EasySol not only understands these business challenges, but also has the propensity to help retailers efficiently deal with them.

We provide comprehensive PoS solution that is robust and easy to use, can manage large volumes, and do intelligent price management, increase sales and margins.

Departmental Store Software
Easysol is pre-designed extensive departmental store software that can be used for managing stores dealing with cosmetics, garments, home linen, luggage, utensils, footwear etc. This unique software is your ideal companion for effective single or chain store operations management. Know More

Retail / General Store Software
Good point of sale system is crucial for the effective operations of a retail or general store. Growing stores often face problems when they are selecting their point of sale system. All the options open to them do not give have similar capabilities. The transformation to different POS systems during running operations is unpleasant for employees, customers and the company as a whole. Here, we give you the chance to use our effective retail/general store software to give you the chance to see the positive difference it can bring to you. Know More

Chemist Software / Chemist POS
Customers expect a lot today and their demands increase rapidly. They look for a single shop where they find products they need at competitive prices. They expect fast and informed services. Chemist and pharmaceutical stores must have a POS that matches their flow of business. The system should be able to give them correct information on drugs, inventory, cash management and other vital factors. The EasySol Chemist Software has been uniquely designed to give you flawless results in all of the above fields. Know More

Grocery Store Software
Grocery software should have a friendly layout, contain accurate technology and be effective to give the customer a smooth shopping experience. The software should be able to provide accurate information on the different pricing systems per weight, volume, barcode and more. Check out our unique grocery software here to get more details and an amazing shopping experience! Know More

The PoS is not just a billing machine but has lots of things linked to it. The payment system is often multi-modal with cash, credit card, debit card and various discount/gift vouchers being used. Price management is critical and can often be fairly dynamic during promotional seasons.

A good PoS ensures a quick billing experience with less queues. It should provide a user-friendly interface for easier adoption by the store personnel and something that minimizes errors or breakdowns.

Some of the key features of EasySol POS solution include:

  • Ability to manage large volumes of bills in a seamless manner
  • A comprehensive customer loyalty management module that can manage multiple loyalty cards with centralized points earnings & redemption across multiple stores
  • Strong inventory management that can handle the most complex of product portfolios
  • Integral business intelligence to enable real-time central management control and instant visibility of trading performance, to achieve higher average spending, faster sell through, better buying and lower IT costs.
  • Wide compatibility to provide high performance level

EasySol POS synchronizes data between stores and the warehouse. All master creations, purchases, receiving, bar-coding, transfers, consolidation of sales, generation of pick list and MIS is generated from this product.
To know more about our Store Management Software and its benefits Click Here

Business management was never so easy; but now it is with retail software solution from EasySol!

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  • Wonderful experience, Wonderful Speed, Wonderful online support, 24 Hours service to us, 200% Satisfaction level, Touching milestone only due to Easysol

    Aryan Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

  • We are pleased to state that we find EasySol software user friendly on the one hand and on the other hand EasySol Team is very prompt and supportive

    Neeraj Aggrawal
    Aggrawal Mediways

  • The EasySol support team always provides a timely delivery for me and for all their customers, which is a great thing and many fail to do this. Good online customer support is very important.

    Mr Ashok Sachdeva
    Sachdeva Medicos

  • I have a tension free business with the software and support provided by Easysol Software. Flexible and easy to use billing screen that helps in faster checkouts with help of barcode scanning.

    Mr Sandeep Sodhi
    Sodhi Super Market (Gurgaon)

  • I am fully satisfied with Easysol POS. Accurate business closing with very little manual work helps me to save the time after the last sale at the closing time of business for the day.

    Mr Narang
    Narang Bros

  • I have been in this indrustry for over 15 years and it is a relief to work with your organization becouse of your professionalism and exceptional customer service.

    Mr Parmod
    Neelkanth Drugs Pvt. Ltd.

  • A truly excellent EasySol software company to work with. I first thought that it might be difficult to work with them because of their location. That was never an issue.

    Mr. V. Jagadeesh (Manager IT)
    KEIMED LIMITED,Hyderabad