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Checklist to Choose A Store Management Software

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Store Management Software

Store Management Software can help you to get a bird’s eye view. So it’s a good idea to choose your store management software carefully. This article does not covers the modules or features of a store software, but covers various factors to be considered before choosing a Store Management Software. This would act as a check list for all those who are planning to buy any sort of store software.

Set-up cost and Technology:

Setting up technology solutions can be a costly process, users may need to consider both hardware and software requirement. Hardware requirement for store solutions may include receipt printer, cash drawer, bar code scanner, and credit card terminal. In addition, software compatibility with hardware is fundamental. Depending on the kind of business you run, store management software should be evaluated on:

  • Do you need a solution that supports multiple locations?
  • Is it a cloud software or locally installed?
  • Whether its price changes with the number of terminals connected, licensing fee etc.
  • How to manage the store if the hardware goes down?
  • What happens if internet is down?
  • What happens if power is down?


In a store environment, software’s usability is crucial. Store management software’s should be fast and easy to use, such that users can carry out processes like sales, returns, and quotes without much hassle or making mistakes.


When choosing store solutions, there is more to consider other than the store software itself. A good store management software will already have important modules integrated like accounting, inventory, payment processing etc. In case not, then it should have the option to integrate with 3rd party software thus reducing the margin for error and double data entry.

However, if you take the time to consider what features you absolutely need and weigh that against what you’re willing to spend, I’m certain you’ll find something that works for you. Happy hunting!


Contact management is one of the most powerful tool of a good store software. This helps the store team to index, arrange, sort customers, vendors, retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers as per their need and also quickly refer them.

Reports & Analytics

Companies today rely on Reports and Analytics more and more to gauge where they’re at and where they’re headed. A good store management software includes robust Reporting tool that can be accessed easily and user friendly.

Ensure that the software provides all the reports essential for your business. The ability to create custom reports is very important useful. Option to export report is equally important.

 After Sales Support

Many a times this parameter is overlooked by decision makers. While looking for a store software, it will be worth your time to sit down and consider the following:

  • Are you comfortable receiving email-only support, with 24-hour turnaround times?
  • Does live chat work for you, or do you need a phone call to be comfortable?
  • What are the support hours? Is the support team available on weekends & during major festive seasons?
  • Do, the support team members & your staff speak the same language?
  • Ask if support, and training are included within the quoted cost?

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